About Passenger Brewing Company

About Passenger Brewing Company

Our Journey In the winter of 2022, Megan Ferla sat in a local brewery and was struck by a realization. The world offered a treasure trove of craft beer - so many flavours, styles, and amazing breweries with incredible stories to tell - but she'd likely never get a chance to try them all. Imported craft beer is difficult to come by here in Quebec, especially given that international distribution for the smaller craft breweries is uncommon.

So how could Megan ever get a chance to experience all that the world of craft beer has to offer? Sure, she could travel the world and try to visit as many breweries as possible (which, admittedly, would be pretty awesome), it just wasn't a realistic option.

This spark of insight ignited the vision for Passenger Brewing Company: to bring the world of craft beer to Quebec.

Our Vision We aspire to be more than a local craft brewery. As PBCo. grows, we aim to collaborate with independent craft breweries worldwide, allowing us to bridge a connection of cultures, flavours, and traditions. Locally brewed, yet globally inspired. 

Our Path Ahead Our journey starts in North America, but our dreams extend beyond borders. Our goal is to open up a global network, uniting passionate brewers and like-minded individuals who share our values, crafting extraordinary beer experiences that are accessible to all in Quebec. 

Our Guiding Principles 

Inclusivity: Our commitment to collaboration centres on inclusivity, welcoming a diverse spectrum of customers, brewers, and cultures to our community. We believe in the power of welcoming different perspectives, fostering understanding, acceptance, and respect.

Above all, we want everyone to feel safe when they walk through the proverbial doors of Passenger Brewing Company.

Creativity and Exploration: We are on a relentless quest to push the boundaries of craft beer. Our mission is to explore and innovate, expanding the realm of unique flavours inspired by the rich tapestry of global brewing traditions.

Sustainability: Responsible actions guide us toward a sustainable future. In everything we do, from brewing to business decisions, we prioritize sustainability for a positive impact on the environment and society.

Philanthropy: Giving back is not a duty; it's a privilege. Philanthropy is woven into our company's fabric, and our commitment to our community and those in need is unwavering. Passenger will always lend a hand to those in need, whenever and however we can.

Join us on this inspiring journey as we endeavour to make the world of craft beer accessible in Quebec and beyond.

Thank you for reading. 

- Passenger Brewing Company